16 Days of Heaven – My JMT Adventure

Marie Lake from below Selden Pass, John Muir Wilderness

Marie Lake from below Selden Pass, John Muir Wilderness

November 13, 2014

So now it’s been a little more than three months since coming off the John Muir Trail in mid-August. Ever the obsessive, I already have an itinerary for next year’s trip and the date in January when I can submit my wilderness pass application. However, I’m not sure if I’ll start from Vermillion Valley Resort or Muir Trail Ranch. I might even start from Red’s Meadow if I can somehow blackmail my bosses at work into giving me even more time off.

As for this blog post, it’s a revised gallery that includes some of the images I first posted in early September, but also now includes photos of the section from Vermillion Valley Resort to McClure Meadow (Evolution Valley) in Kings Canyon National Park. That’s as far south as I made it before my lower back forced me to retreat. I came off the trail at MTR and hiked out to Florence Lake where I caught a shuttle down to Fresno. I still plan on some more blog posts that have more narrative to them.

Happy Trails to all and as a resident Californian (SF Bay Area), where we are suffering through a severe drought, I ask you all to join in prayer, chanting, voodoo, ceremonial rain dances in order to bring down the wet stuff.


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I am a freelance photographer/writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in the very suburban city of Santa Clara. Education: San Jose State University (class of '84) BA degree in Journalism with concentrations in Photojournalism and English. Favorite Foods: Ribeye steaks and Stan's Doughnuts (separate plates, usually). Favorite Drinks: Strong gourmet coffee and Trader Joe's Blood Orange Italian Soda (separate cups).
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4 Responses to 16 Days of Heaven – My JMT Adventure

  1. annathrax says:

    your photos are amazing! its my dream to do the jmt! greetings from western australia!

  2. I am in love with your photos! I can see a bit of Ansel Adams influence in some of your blacks & Whites 😉 I have done backpacking here in the PNW of Washington state, latest venture was the Goat Rocks Wildnerness… an amazing experience! I am longing to do the JMT…I have two young children and wish to live vicariously through photos such as these until I feel it is time that I can leave them for at least 2 or 3 weeks, to do a trip such as this. How long did it take you all together? Did you go from the classic start point to end point main JMT trail? Any off excurrsions? I would love to hear more.

    • victorvolta says:

      Hi & thank you for the glowing comments about my images and for re-blogging my post. Initially, I’d planned on doing the JMT in 20 or 21 days. I started at Glacier Point rather than the classic starting point of Happy Isles. I made this decision for two reasons: First, I’d read that it was easier to get the wilderness passes for GP; Second, I’d already hiked the Happy Isles to Nevada Falls stretch and wanted to start with new terrain. I fell behind early in the trip because of some lower back issues, but felt better after I reached Garnet Lake (at about the 45 mile mark). I ended up taking two unplanned rest days. I didn’t take any side trips on the trails. I only made it as far as Evolution Valley in Kings Canyon National Park. My back tightened up on me again and since I’d just picked up my final resupply, I didn’t have the flexibility to have any low mile days or rest days after that. My food supply would’ve run out before Mt. Whitney. But in all, I was on the trail for 16 wonderful days. I’m planning on going back next year to do the final 110 miles from Muir Trail Ranch to Mt. Whitney. I’ve done the Mt. Whitney day hike (from Whitney Portal) several times, but this past JMT trip was my first time backpacking for more than one night. If you ever have a chance to do it, don’t hesitate. It is a spectacular, epic experience. If you want to read more, I posted some daily albums on Facebook with more details and narrative. My albums are public, so I think you should be able to access them without ‘friending’ me. Take care. Victor Volta

  3. Reblogged this on dirt. i dig you. and commented:
    I am dreaming of the JMT. Photos are phenomonal, soak them in!

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